Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Picks From Swoon!

'Tis the season for holiday giving and decorating, so we've made our 1st annual "Swoon Christmas Picks List".  Look how long this list is, and there are still more fantastic artists and craftspeople at Swoon, as well as more antiques, collectibles and fashion! We get new items in constantly, so stop in and see what's new!

Vintage Ornaments for $1 and $2, we still have some left! as well as other collectible ornaments for $5 - $18 - all on the tree in our Sunroom as part of our "2nd Hand Christmas" display.

Handwoven items by Nancy Boyne! Starting at $5 each for mug mats (sets of 4 available).  Tea Towels/Handtowels are $32, and a variety of handwoven scarves: $60 - $120.

Cards by local artists: $4 - $8: some are Christmas-themed, there are photographs, copies of paintings, prints and more! Don't be shy: check out the card rack and other displays in our office!

Handmade Christmas Ornaments, $6 - $50, by various local artists in a wide range of media, from our 2nd annual "One of a Kind Christmas Tree Ornament Sale" - more have been added since the opening on Nov. 24th.

"Half Empty" - poems by Anna Quon. $8

Christmas Pewter - $10 - $125.  This is part of our "Second Hand Christmas" display in our sunroom, with only a few of the pewter pieces we have shown in this pic. 

"The Land of Fairy Magic" - a very sweet children's bookwritten and illustrated by Elaine Jensen. $10.

Salt and Pepper Shakers from our Salt and Pepper Shaker room! There are hundreds of pairs to choose from, many are vintage, $10 - $60, excellent stocking stuffers for the collector and/or kitsch lover on your list!

What if Michelangelo Was a Telemarketer? - a funny, rhyming storybook written and illustrated by Susan Paczek. 56pages, Dubious Press. $10.

Earthenware "Dream Birds" by Shauna MacLeod "Black Crow Pottery"- $12 each. Perfect gift or stocking stuffer!

Felted Wool Hearts, $12 (small) $18 (large) by Swoon abstract painter Kristina Sobstad.

"The Chair Affair" a humorous tale of scandal, written and illustrated by Jennie Morrow $14.75.  Jennie also has paintings at Swoon, check them out here.

Painted Wooden Santas, $15 - $25 (see Russ figurines in foreground, $3.50 each).  All part of our "2nd Hand Christmas" display in our sunroom!

Stoneware Ornaments by Susan Paczek, $15 each

"Migration Songs" first novel by Anna Quon. $16.95

Wooden Steinbach Ornaments, handmade in Germany, in original boxes.  $18 each, several types to choose from. These are part of the "2nd Hand Christmas" display in our sunroom!
The 2013 "Week-at-a-time planning calendar" by painter and gardening expert, Helen Opie.  This is a fantastic planner, designed for busy and creative people, as well as gardeners. It features photos of Helen's paintings and a bounty of useful pages and information! $20 each.

"Tiny Treasures Pendants" $20, includes chain and gift pouch.  New from "Glass With Class"; locally made fused glass jewelry by Gail Heinze-Milne.  We have more of Gail's jewelry, ranging from $22 (earrings) to $59; she's refreshed her display case recently, upstairs in our fashion room, come see what's new!

Unicorns by Susan Meindl, $20 each.  Other Meindl figurines available; check our website here for more.

The Mommy Fund 2013 Calendar: a beautiful calendar featuring work by different local artists.  $20, no tax, cash or cheque only: 100% of the sale of this item goes to the Mommy Fund which is a charitable trust that helps moms with breast cancer in financial need.

"Button Box Bling" super stylish necklaces and bracelets hand crafted by Swoon artist Claudia Mannion.  $22 each.  Also available: pins and rings ($10) and "portable pockets" $35.

"Hammonds Plains, The First 100 Years" by Dorothy Bezanson Evans.  $20.

Hammersley Trinket Box - $25, a sweet gift or gift box for someone you love!

Jingle all the way!  Stoneware and Earthenware bells by sculptor Rosemary Metz - $25 - $65. 

A Colonial Portrait - The Halifax Diaries of Lady Sherbrooke 1811-1816. $25

"One of a kind" Coasters by Diane Redden. Very clever! Boxed sets of 4 for $25 (each coaster is unique) or singles for $6 each.

Celtic Knot Stoneware Mug, $30. By Lily Meadows - Rustic Revolution Pottery.

Folk Art Pill Box, $30. 1.5" x 2" More folk art on our website!
"Snarves" by Blythe Church - $30 - $40

"West Ironbound - Portrait of an Island' $32, cash or cheque only.  This is a beautiful book with all proceeds going to aid the Kingsburg Coastal Conservancy's fundraising campaign to secure West Ironbound Island.

Porcelain/Sterling Silver Earrings and Necklaces by Therese Bombardier Designs. $32 - $65.

Vintage Decanter Set in original gift box, $35

t-shirts by Geordan Moore, "Quarrelsome Yeti Apparel & Screenprint" $35, assorted styles and sizes.

"Sweet Suburb - A History of Prince's Lodge, Birch Cove & Rockingham". by Sharon and Wayne Ingalls. $35

The luscious earthenware pottery of Pat Woods ("Redhanded Pottery" Bear River, NS). $40 - $160.  It felt a lot like Christmas when we unwrapped the 2 large totes of pottery Pat dropped off for "Christmas Presence 3" our 3rd annual group pottery show/sale on until Dec. 24th!

Cups and Mugs by Shauna MacLeod - "Black Crow Pottery" - new additions for "Christmas Presence 3" our 3rd annual group pottery show and sale.  Prices range from $15 (maple leaf cups) to $30 for mugs. Note there is much more in the store than currently on our website!

Stained Glass earrings by glass artist Jay Leblanc, $39/pair.  Jay's stained glass pendants on black cords available as well: $20 each

"Outcast" Mug by France Arruda, Stoneware, $40

Gloria Dunbar stoneware chip n'dip dish, 10.5",  $45.  The perfect hostess gift, see more of Gloria's great pieces here on our website.

Screen-printed t-shirts by Anna Stowe: various styles and sizes.

Chintz Gravy Boat and Dish. $45. Check our ceramics/glass section on our website for more collectibles; plus there's always more at Swoon!

"Sketch Journal - Prince Edward Island" - Helen Opie. $45, limited edition /199.  This is a unique "flip book" written and illustrated by Helen, about a group painting trip she took to PEI.

Buckwheat Hull Pillows, made in Joggins, NS! $49 for standard cotton, $54 for standard bamboo, $20 for travel/lumbar size. Bamboo slipcovers available for $17 each. Get a free travel pillow with purchase of 2 standard pillows.

Turned Wood Bowls by John Fitzpatrick, $50 - $385.  wood pens in cases also available, $50 each.

Stoneware Berry Bowl by Judy Gordon: $65

Unframed photographs by Mariette Roodenburg - 8" x 5.5", $65

"Piping Plover" by Susan Paczek. Perfect for the endangered species biologist or birder on your list.  Papier mache, 5" x 8" x 8.5".  $65

Handmade journals and slip covers by Marc Meadows "Drunken Sailor Leatherworks", $70 - $120. Marc recently made a delivery so we have much more than what is currently on our website.

Jewellery by Susanna Hernandez Designs - $50 - $145.  "Flower Earrings" in the photo are $75/pair - Carnelian and Sterling Silver.

Handpainted Pill Box by Sharon Mark - $75, 1.5" x 1"

Hand-knit dolls by Pamela Erskine, $85 each.  We have several of Pamela's sweet and loveable dolls in the shop!

Framed Etchings and Drawings by Bob Morouney: $95 - $135.  "Je t'aime" 22/24 Copper Plate Etching, 4.5" x 4.5", $95
Raku Vase by Carol Smeraldo. 7" x 4.5", $95

"The Deer Hunter" by Jim Tracey Folk Art. 12" x 5" x 10". $95

Strathearn paperweight, $125. One of several paperweights we currently have.

"Kitty in the City" by Pamela Marie Pierce.  Pen/Ink. 4" x 4.5". $125

"Sailboat" by Rae Smith. Pastel, 6.5" x 6.5", $150

Murano Glass Daschund - $150.  One of many Murano Glass animals we currently have, various dogs, birds and more, $85 - $200

"Joyful 3" - 8" x 8", Mixed Media on Canvas, $150 by Andrea Pottyondy SCA.  

Large Bowl by Andrew Langille Pottery.  Earthenware, 13" x 4.5", $150..  Visit Swoon to see new pieces of Andrew's, not on our website, $25 - $200, as part of our group pottery sale on until Dec. 24th.

"Fish Bone Boat" by Carol Olson.  Pen/Ink, 8" x 10", $150

"O Canada" wall plaque by Nancy Roberts.  Earthenware, 8.5" x 18", $165

"Barrington Street Sidewalk" by Karen R. Phinney. Acrylic On Canvas, 9" x 12", $165

Signed, Chalet Glass "Handkerchief Vase" 8" x 8" x 7.5", $195.  One of several Chalet pieces we have on our website, $45 - $250.

"Komodo Dragon" by Aimee Swikit. Earthenware, 8" x 5" x 5.5". $210

Cape St Marys, Poles Past Shed, by Helen Opie. Oil on Board.  5.5" x 7.5", $225

"Far Side" by Anna Horsnell Wade.  Acrylic on canvas, 10" x 10", $225

"Paddlers in Shubie Park" by Carol Morrison. Oil on canvas, 11" x 14", $245

"Agfa Siletter Camera" by Blythe Church.  Soft Sculpture, 3.5" x 4" x 5", $290

"Romaine" by Lynn Johnson.  8" x 16", acrylic on panel, $290.

Fox Bracelets by Angela Grace Jewelry: Silver ($350) and Bronze ($250)

Twilight, Water's Edge. Oil on canvas, 12" x 12", Rachael Peters. $300

Untitled Stained Glass by Jay Leblanc.  14" x 16", $325.

"Arbre Sur Falaise" by June Deveau. Acrylic on board, 6" x 12", $325

"Gathering On Hollis" (The West House) by John Mitchel Inglis, 11" x 15". Graphite on Watercolour Paper, $395

"Upper Kingsburg - Winter" by Dorothy Mosher.  Watercolour. 10.5" x 14", $400

Double-Mirrored Mahogany Sheet Music Cabinet / Bar with Drop Leaf. 18" x 15" x 46". $450 View more antique furniture on our website.

"Enjoy" by Kristina Sobstad. Oil on canvas, 24" x 36", $495

"Winter Sun, The Frozen Pond"  by Geoffrey Grantham. 11" x 14", Oil On Panel. $575
Mr. Peanut Vase by Alice Mary (Egan) Hagen. 11" tall. $685

"Late Snow" by Susan Vitale. Oil on canvas, 31" x 22.5". $1350

Antique Partners Desk/Library Table. $2200.  This desk was featured in the movie "Moby Dick", has 2 drawers on either side. 72" x 48" x 33"

Untitled by Jeannie Edmonds Hancock "Winter Birches". Oil on canvas, 35" x 23.5".  $2200

"The Heavyweights Class" by Sue Westby. Acrylic on canvas, 24" x 36", $3000

"Sun Dog" by Ralph Pardy. Spruce, Butternut, Tamarack. 24" x 8" x 87.5" (including base). $10,900

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