Rug Talk...

In conjunction with our current exhibition RUGS AS ART - Antique Islamic
Carpets and Related Textiles - Swoon is pleased to present an informal talk by artist and carpet collector Jed Irwin.  

 The talk will be at Swoon, 1410 Hammonds
Plains Road, on Saturday 23 March at 1 p.m.  All are welcome.

Jed Irwin is a visual artist who has recently moved from the west coast to
Mahone Bay.  He became interested in oriental rugs in the mid-1980s while
teaching in the art department at the University of Calgary, where he is
now Associate Professor Emeritus; he was a founder-member of the Calgary
Rug and Textile Club.  From the mid-80s through the late 1990s he made
numerous visits to Turkey, dividing his time between the art community -
he had two solo exhibitions of his work in Istanbul galleries - and the
carpet world, studying the materials firsthand, developing personal
relations with the carpet dealers, and building his own collection.

The talk will touch on Jed's personal experiences as a collector in
Turkey, as well as on the history, esthetics and techniques of the
rug making peoples and their culture,  He will supplement the textiles on
exhibition at Swoon with additional pieces not shown due to space

There is no seating but feel free to bring a folding chair!

See you Swoon!

One of many antique Islamic rugs from "Rugs as Art" showing March 9 - 30th