Saturday, February 2, 2013

February Shows At Swoon!

Please join us Saturday, February 9th from 2 - 5pm for the opening reception of our February Shows!

Showing will be:

Ancient Wounds - new work by Angela Grace Jewelry.  Angela's line of fox jewelry, arrowhead pendants and other pieces have been hugely popular at Swoon so we're very excited to see the new body of work she's been working on for her show!

"a utopian world of gray shades" - new work by Margarita FainshsteinMargarita is a new artist to Swoon, we were introduced to her work when she participated in Creature Feature, our 2012 group Halloween show


Winterscene - a group show celebrating winter landscapes. 

A giant thank-you to all of the artists who submitted work to our open call for Winterscene, as well as to the jury members.  The response was overwhelming, and despite the long list of participants there were many more talented people whose work wasn't selected, or who were but couldn't participate due to timing.  We'll be hosting more group shows in the future, allowing more time for jurying and for work to be delivered to the gallery.  While we initially planned to have the show only in the grey room, pieces from Winterscene will be hung in various areas of the gallery. 

 Artists participating in Winterscene are: Anne Bastedo, Curtis Botham, Marshall Burgess, Sarah Jane Conklin, Phillip Doucette, Lise Gagne, Geoffrey Grantham, Alison Grapes, Robyn Howell, Virginia Houston, John Mitchel Inglis, Vaughan Irwin, Lynn Johnson, Laura Kenney, Susan Jardine, Maria Kuttner, Ron Kuwahara, Susan Malmstrom, Paulette Melanson, Carol Morrison, Kimberly Naumann, Helen Opie, Joy Pennick, Pamela Marie Pierce, Rachael Peters, Andrea Pottyondy, Andrea Redmond, Tacha Reed, Sue Robinson, Linda Roe, Mariette Roodenburg, Beatrice Salsman, Colette Samson, Emily Seaboyer - Locusart Jewelry Designs, Brianna Corr Scott, Carol Smeraldo, Rae Smith, Kristina Sobstad, Gail Sutherland, Anna Horsnell Wade and Louise Williams.  

Shows run until March 2nd and images of works in the shows will be posted to our website in the week following the opening reception.  See you Swoon!