Friday, March 23, 2012

Swoon Welcomes New Artists!

Happy Spring everyone, we're pleased to have such a balmy start to the season.  Over the winter we've had several new artists join Swoon; in part from our 2nd annual Christmas pottery show, our group Cityscape show, and as we become more established in the local art community. 

We're very excited about the new additions and look forward to showing more work by these artists in the coming year!

Here is a sampling from our latest Swoon artists, details of these pieces and more can be viewed on our website:

Painter Susan Vitale.  "Crazy Waves" oil on canvas, 20" x 40"

Photographer Mariette Roodenburg. "Snow Drifting Near Hartling Bay" 10" x 27"

Rachel Morouney - Hidden House Pottery 

Bob Morouney, "City Sonatina", Pen, Ink, Watercolour

Chuck Mora "Meditation Bowl" Raku

Potter Shauna MacLeod "Three Generations of Healing, Dinner Plates", earthenware

Karen Coleman - Mud Nymph Pottery "Bowl with rowhouses"

Painter Kimberley Floyd, "Cold Drinks" acrylic on canvas, 8" x 12"

We are also working on updating our "Swoon Events Overview" page on our website, where you can see what shows are coming up in 2012, and who else we'll be welcoming to Swoon! 

See you Swoon!

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