Thursday, November 29, 2012

"One-Of-A-Kind Christmas Ornament Party and Sale" 2012

Thanks to all who came out last Saturday (Nov 24) for our 2nd Annual "One of a Kind Christmas Ornament Party and Sale".  And a huge thank you to all the Swoon artists who brought in such fantastic pieces this year!  The turnout and artwork was excellent this year and we are so excited to watch this event grow and build over time!

Here are a few pics of this years offerings, though there are many, many more in the store!  They will remain on display until December 24th (as supplies last!).  This year you will find: folk art carvings by Jim Tracey, Raku star and shell ornaments by Carol Smeraldo, fused glass ornaments by Anke Holm, mini sweater monsters by Blythe Church, wooden parquet ornaments by Jo-Ann Shaw, Dreamcatcher birds by Joanne Colman, ceramic ornaments by Jo-Ann Shaw, Shauna MacLeod, Aimee Swikit, Andrew Quon, France Arruda, Carol Morrow, Lily Meadows and Susan Paczek, textile-filled balls by Emilee Boutilier, miniature paintings by Andrea Pottyondy, Karen Phinney and Jodi Richardson, miniature stoneware bells by Rosemary Metz, wool hearts by Kristina Sobstad, papier mache by Susan Paczek and button ornaments by Claudia Mannion.

Meanwhile the sunroom is filling with Christmas collectibles: Meindl figurines, Goebel, Doulton, pewter, vintage ornaments and much, much more! Next week we begin preparations for the 3rd annual pottery show, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

One of our 3 trees that are loaded with local ornaments! there are baskets and displays on a few tables as well!

In this shot you can make out a few ceramic "Hornyments" by Andrew Quon, other ceramic ornaments by Carol Morrow, mini flower paintings by Andrea Pottyondy, mini bird paintings by Jodi Richardson, and papier mache by Susan Paczek

ceramic Santa head and papier mache ornaments by Susan Paczek

a close up of the 2nd big tree (this one is in the red room). Flying pig and "Three French Hens" by Jim Tracey, Ceramic Horse ornaments by Jo-Ann Shaw

Skeleton by France Arruda

Tree in the Red Room

wall plaques by Carol Morrow

the Grey Room, with spooky tree

Wreath Stars by Carol Morrow

Mini bird painting by Jodi Richardson, mini flower painting by Andrea Pottyondy

The Christmas Octopus by Susan Paczek (sold)

parquet ornament by Jo-Ann Shaw
Kevin O'Leary Christmas heads by Susan Paczek (can be hung as ornaments)

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