Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Spectre - Our 3rd annual Halloween Show opens Sat. Oct 19th!

Join us Saturday Oct.19th from 2-5pm for the opening reception of our 3rd annual group Halloween show: 

It is a part of our common history; from our childhood fear of the haunted house down the street, to attempting to contact the dead through a séance or Ouija Board. As a society we are obsessed with the idea of ghosts.

Artists participating are: Neva Becker, Nigel Beck, Susan Malmstrom, Anne Bastedo, Michael Pittman, Evan Meisner, Shauna MacLeod, Andrew Quon, Laura Kenney, Andreas Lietzow, Monika Wright, Meike Duch, Jody Mackenzie, Isabelle Pineau, Anna Horsnell Wade, Andrea Redmond, Angie Brewer, Siovhon Morgan, Cheryl Flemming, Joanne Solway, Curtis Botham, Jodi Richardson, Ron Kuwahara, Adrian Montfort-Guy, Jack Wong, Brandt Eisner, Pam MacDonald, Carol Smeraldo & Susan Paczek.

Works will be on display until Nov.3rd, as our all the works from our current October shows, so there is lots to see!

All the work in Spectre will be posted on our website in the week following the opening!

See you spooked, at Swoon! 

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