Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Advice from Artist Eric Fischl

When asked what advice he would give to a young artist that is just starting out this is what Eric Fischl had to say:

"I tend to tell them pretty much all the same thing, which is that they should find a group of artists that they identify with and form a peer group. Density is important...density and heat are important aspects of getting started in the art world. Heat and noise. Heat and noise create attention. The art world senses where there is a hot spot, and they gravitate toward it to find out whats going on. So you want to get density; a peer group that is vibrant and competitive and supportive. And what you find with that is that members of a peer group help each other: one gets a gallery, they tell the gallery, "Oh, you got to check out so-and-so's work." That's the way I did it; that's the way I understand it."

From Inside The Painter's Studio by Joe Fig

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