Monday, February 14, 2011

Advice from artist Gregory Amenoff

" Mostly, I believe in the fraternity and sorority of artists supporting each other and creating opportunities for each other. I think that [relationship] is time-tested and continues to happen despite the heavy mercantile art world. I think that's really what it's about. I think you should hang out with other artists, support each other. Create opportunities for each other. Form collectives. Rent spaces. Have shows. Don't wait around for the dealers and the curators to come to you. Create opportunity that brings them to you. Stay away from art fairs. Hang out at museums and look at old art. Keep your studio separate from the art business - what happens outside the studio is the art business, what happens in the studio is your work - the art business is a business, so it's good to keep that distinct."

"Understand that whatever success you have, or whatever lack of success you have, all things will change if you stay at it. A body of work that may have a lot of success may lead to a body of work that wont. Continue with your artwork distinct from that and find a way to survive."

Gregory Amenoff
From - Inside the Painter's Studio by Joe Fig

Posted by Brandt Eisner

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