Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Let's Make Lanterns!

That artist trading card thing looks fun!  I went to it when I lived in Regina, it's a really nice event.  I didn't realize people sent in art cards from other places.  Thanks, Evgenia!

I'm in the middle of making some lanterns to use as examples because I just decided today that I'll be giving lantern making workshops at Swoon while kids are out of school the next 2 weeks for the Canada Games.  The workshops will be: Tues/Wed/Thurs from 12 - 6pm, Feb 15/16/17, and Feb 22/23/24. 

All ages are welcome, small children need parental supervision.  I'll be showing you how to make lanterns using balloons for molds, decorated with tissue paper. It's super fun.  The cost will be $15/lantern.

Here are some lanterns in progress, right now they are upside down and 3 of them are drying in their cardboard collars... I haven't finished the white one in front yet, and I'm still deciding how to decorate the 5th one.   I've learned that the black and red tissue runs quite a bit!

Stay tuned for pics of the finished product, tomorrow night hopefully!

When I lived in Vancouver I did quite a bit of community art with The Public Dreams Society.  They host a huge lantern festival in the summer.  The public comes to workshops and makes lanterns that they carry around Trout Lake Park, where there are various performers and lantern installations.  I think it'd be fun to host a little lantern walk out near Swoon in the summer... Here are a few pics of some giant lantern installations I've worked on, though its really the sort of thing that's better in real life:

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