Tuesday, February 8, 2011

photos of ATC

Here are ATC that I am sending away this year. Some mono types, collages and photo transfer technique that I learned yesterday. Those ones with cupcakes I transfer photos of my paintings first and then add collage, ink drawing and some paint. http://www.amazon.ca/Artist-Trading-Card-Workshop-Collect/dp/1581808488#reader_1581808488  photo transfer is from this book. really easy: print your image on color ink-jet printer on photo paper then dampen watercolor paper card (or apply some gel medium to the card)  then put your image facedown on the damp paper and use a brayer over the back of the paper (or just press with your hands :) Peel off photo paper gently. I love the results. you have to experiment  though. I used my old 8X10 photos that I don't need.

here is some cards that I got back from gallery in the past.
excuse my photos....
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